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Research and Publications

Sr No.
Type of Research
Name of Researcher

  Dr. Bhushan Chawla         
  Deptt. of Hindi                  

  ‘Laghukaran Sahitya… Sadarbh Mein   2005-06

  Mrs. Seema Singhal                          
  Deptt. of Commerce                     

  ‘Techniques of   Demerger’   2008-09

  Mrs. Karamjit Kaur            
  Deptt. of History                   

  ‘Contribution of INA   to Indian Freedom’                        2009-10
  Ph. D.    Dr. Seema Singhal
  Deptt. of Commerce
  ‘Practices and outcome of Demergers in Indian Corporate sector

  Mrs. Rekha Garg                   
  Deptt. of Economics                       

  ‘W.T.O. and service        sector in India   2013-14

  Ms. Kiran Chauhan           
  Research Associate (under (N.S.R.C.)   
  ISBN No.-   978-93-83754-17-5 

  Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru       His Vision & Mind    2013-14

  Ms. Kiran Chauhan                 
  Research Associate (under  (N.S.C.)
  ISBN No. 978-93-83754-67-0

  Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru    and his contemporaries   2014-15

  Mrs. Seema Aggarwal                          
  Deptt. of Commerce                     

  ‘Analysis of Educational Loan Policy of Banks ’   2017-18

Publication of Papers in Books with ISBN no. presented in National Seminars/Workshops

Sr No.
Name of Paper
1. ‘W.T.O. in the Present Scenario’ Deptt. of Economics 2009-10
2. ‘Aaj ke Bhoutikvadi yug mein Vaani ki Prasangikta ’ Deptt. of Hindi 2010-11
3. ‘India of Mahatma Gandhi’s Dreams’ Centre
ISBN No. 978-93-81615-10-2
Gandhian Studies 2011-12
4. ‘Relevance of Nehru’s thought In Present Scenario’ Nehru Studies Centre 2011-12
5.   ‘Bhartiya Sangeet Ka Leekpeeta  Shastra Paksh & Kriyatmak Paksh ka talmel kitna sarthak 
ISBN No.- 978-93-81615-12-6    
Deptt. of Music (V) 2011-12
6.   ‘Perspectives of Teaching of English in multilingual context’ 
ISBN No. 978-93-81615-09-06    
Deptt. of English  2012-13
7.  ‘Bhartiya Sangeet:Badalte Parivesh mein Naitik Mulya’                     
ISBN No. 978-93-81632-64-2 
Deptt. of Music (I) 2012-13
8.    ‘Reassessment of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru in Globalizing world’ 
ISBN No. 978-93-83754-66-3
Nehru Studies Centre 2013-14
Catalogues Published:
Sr. No.    
1. Recreating Traditional Art Into Modern Abstract Art Deptt. of Fine Arts    2010-11
2.    Traditional Art in the form Of Modern Art Deptt. of Fine Arts    2010-11
3. Folk Inspiration in Contemporary   Indian Art
ISBN No. 97-93-81632-69-7A
  Deptt. of Fine Arts    2012-13
Research Articles in the form of Books :
Sr. No. Books Published    Name of ResearchScholar Session
1. 1. Factors influencinge Jawahar Lal Nehru.   
2. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru : As Prime Minister
3. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru: The Maker of Modern India
4. Nehrvian Socialism
Ms. Kiran Chauhan    Research Associate  N.S.Centre 2010-11

1. Gandhi’s views on Reservation
2. Gandhi’s Approach to Rural  Development   
3. Religion in Politics: A Gandhian Perspective
4. Gandhi’s views on civilization and Culture

Mr. Kulvinder Singh  Research Assoicate G.S. Centre 2010-11 
3. Gandhism Today  
1. Environment crisis: A Gandhian solution
2. Women Empowerment is a Gandhian
3.  Satyagraha: A method of  Conflict Resolution

Ms. Kiran Chauhan   Research Assoicate  G.S. Centre 2011-12
  4. 1. Nehru, NAM and its relevance today.
2. Nehru’s views on Planning and its contemporary relevance.
3. Nehruvian Secularism in India and its relevance    
Mr. Suresh Kumar   Research Associate N.S. Centre 2011-12
Research Papers presented outside the Institution:
1. Empowering Women through Higher in Education It & its applicaton    Deptt. of Computer  2011-12
2. Role of Software Engineering   In Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education Deptt. of Computer  2012-13
3. Technology as a enabler on ‘Women Empowerment through Education & Technology’ Deptt. of Computer  2013-14
4. Subsides in India : A Boon or Curse Deptt. of Commerce 2014-15


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